Friday, 8 August 2014

Join The Revolution
Join The Revolution
For 20 years the big security and burglar alarm monitoring companies have been using a technology called "Autodial". This technology allows a burglar alarm system to call their monitoring centre to inform of a split-in, the alarm monitoring centre then calls you to confirm the alarm activation, and then you/they decide to take the appropriate action.........nothing wrong with that I hear you say!!!

Well..... this external burglar alarm system monitoring service can cost anywhere from £150 - £500 for each year, on top of the price of the burglar alarm by itself and no doubt an installation and setup fee too. But there is now a fantastic alternative that offers you (the consumer) the same if not Better level of protection Without any monthly or yearly subscriptions, fees or contracts. The thing is, the big burglar alarm system companies don’t want you to know about it, so shhhh.

Across the country there is a handful of impartial burglar alarm companies including kingdom that are offering "Autodial" burglar alarm systems but without a monitoring agreement. Instead you simply program your cellular phone, office or neighbours telephone figures into the burglar alarm system. If your burglar alarm system is activated by a burglar you get Directly contacted instantly by your autodial burglar alarm system. The autodial burglar alarm system will simply plug straight into your current landline and will not effect any other telephony equipment like answer devices etc. If you havnt got a landline then these autodial burglar alarm systems are also available with built in GSM utodial sim card options utilising the cellular phone network to contact you, perfect for rural structures, holiday homes, boats etc.

What’s more is, most of these impartial companies including kingdom sell a good selection of easy to fit wireless autodial burglar alarm systems, thus avoiding the need to pay for an expensive installation team too. All in all you could save yourself a small fortune whilst still receiving the top level of security. Simple "Autodial" home alarms can be purchased for as little as £29.99 with top of the range easy to set up wireless autodial systems with added hearth alerts direct to your cellular from only £199.99.

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