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Photographs of steroids
Photographs of steroids

Pictures of steroids


No one is naïve enough to believe that these superstars or celebrities get these bodies sculpted like a roman god by their own natural ability. Yes, exercise is an important part of how they got their lovely physiques, but you have to remember it is not the only part. They can work harder and longer because they are using steroids. This statement may come as a shock to many people whose only exposure to the phenomena of steroids is through news channels that carry news stories about the athletes who sports associations banned for using steroids.


That is the picture of steroids, which people get in their normal ordered lives. On the other hand, if you are a work out freak and happen to go to your nearest gym regularly. You know that real world does not work that way. Steroids are a reality in the life of millions of enthusiasts around the world and there is no denying it. Does it mean that all of these portrayals of the horrible side effects false? No, they are also true, but you have to find the right balance of using and not using steroids. You have to find that balance for yourself as all human beings are individuals and they are different from each other and each one has his own metabolism and rate of assimilation that is different from every other person.


What you can do is, that you can use steroids in two distinct cycles. One is the use cycle. Or in simple words that you will use steroids for a period of time and then you will take a break for a period and let your body recuperate from the abuse that you have subjected it to. A very important thing to remember is that if you are a professional sportsman or aspire to be a professional sportsman. Do not use steroids or any other kind of performance enhancing drugs. Each of these drugs has half-lives and they leave a residue in your body, which will come out in a dope test. Also, to stop people from using these performance enhancing drugs, most sports federations have started a program of random testing. So, if you are hoping that you can use the drugs for training and stop using them well in advance of the competition. There is more than even chance that you will be caught in one of these random tests.


Another thing that you need to know is that as soon as you stop using these anabolic steroids, there effects start to wear off. Research has shown that people who stopped using steroids lost as much as 80% of the muscle mass they gained during the steroid use. If you have to stop using the drug six months before the competition, you can well imagine that drugs that you have used would have lost much of their effectiveness by then. Therefore, you are better off working hard to build your body naturally if you want to be a professional sportsman.

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