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Discover the most ideal body detox cleanse
Discover the most ideal body detox cleanse
I discovered a holistic cleansing program that teaches you how to cleanse your body naturally through food. It is a one of a kind cleansing program where there are no expensive supplements or colonic irrigation. Through deliciousreal foods from 119 wonderful recipesyou'll nourish your body with the vital nutrientsit needs for optimizing detoxification and healthrestoration. What is it? The Total WellnessCleanse.
Before starting the cleanse, the best place to begin is with the starter kit guide as instructed by myregistered Holistic Nutritionist coach Yuri Elkaim. Itanswered so many of my questions so it will help with any questionsyou have too. This is one of many jam packed health guides you'll receive. It's like a biology lesson as wellas a guide! It has a myriad of information in an easy to digest way. Furthermore, it addresses solutions to health issues that youcould implement right away.
Following reading this, I found out thecurrent status of my body, both physical and internal suchas cholesterol level, blood sugar, blood pressure andalso how I feel about my body on a scale of 1 to 10. I recently had a check up with my doctor before the cleanse so Iasked for my records to get this information, you can do the same. If you don't have ALL themeasurements right away, don'tworry.
You are encouraged to ask yourself questions such as what are my energy levels? How motivated do I feel? What is my mood? The starter kit guide then teaches more aboutthe affects certain foods have onour bodies and provides motivational tips to help you reach your goals.
My Goals
Here are my initial goals beforeundertaking the cleanse. It is handyif you list your goals too as once you have a goal in mind you're likely to stay motivated. To feel less clogged up with mucus and have clearsinuses
To lower blood pressure
To feel less fatigued throughout the day
Get rid of headaches
Toned stomach
14 day Cleanse Phase
There are 3 different levels that you can follow to cleanse your body during the initial 14 day cleanse phase. You don'thave to stick to one type of cleanseeither as they all have tremendous healthbenefits. The starter guide mentions that you canincorporate all 3 types of cleansing foods intoyour diet which is what I did. Whether it be vegetable juicing, a wholefood cleanse or raw food cleanse. Alternatively, you could stick to mainly raw foods and incorporate a fewvegetable juices, the choice is entirelyup to you. My advice isif your diet mainly consists of alot of junk foods high inprocessed fat and sugars, I think it would be easier to follow the standard meal plan in order to weanyourself off these addictive foods. Then when your cravingshave gone down you can then add more raw food into your diet. Raw food recipes are a lot quicker toprepare too and with the right sauce which there are alsorecipes for with this cleansing program, they taste so yummy!I was surprised!
My tip-- cut out your biggest addiction first
A tip for you would be to cut out what you're addicted to the most even before you start the cleanse. Ithelps to get you in the frame of mind too. For example, in March 2013 Iavoided cake and biscuits for about 2 weeks beforeI started the cleanse as sugar was my biggestaddiction at the time. I would eat about 6 biscuits in oneevening sometimes and I could finish a whole cake in 24 to 48 hours, my sugar cravings were out of control. If you have a food addictionlike I did it may help you as it did for me to cut outyour biggest addiction first. Ifyou're addicted to caffeine for example, you couldtake the same approach and cut down on the amount of coffee you drink.
14 day Maintenance Phase
After the cleanse phase, the following 2 weeks is the maintenance phase where you can continue to enjoy more of the delicious recipes. What isreally handy is that the cleansingprogram also includes shopping lists for both the cleanse andmaintenance phase, you receive daily mealplans, daily coaching emails andexclusive access to a Facebook group which I am still a part of. Theamount of support you get is wonderful! Withall these inspirational tools it's very very likely that you will see results.
It doesn't end there for me, sinceundergoing the cleanse, my health has beentransformed and I continue to enjoy delicious healthy meals on a daily basis.

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