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Fashion Tips To Look Taller

Fashion Tips To Look Taller
Did you know Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are just 5' 7" tall? Or Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens are just 5' 1" tall? Don't they look taller than they really are? Undoubtedly, the over-priced custom-made suits and outfits make them look taller, but the reason for their deceptively tall appearance is because they know exactly what to wear and exactly how to wear it. Now it is about time for the regular individual to get in on these Hollywood secret fashion tips to look taller

fashion tips to look taller.


Pick slim, skinny, or classic fit. Baggy or loose will make you look broader and much shorter.
Keep away from full pockets or anything that causes puckering or looseness around the hips.
Low rise trousers will make your legs look much shorter and wearing trousers too high on the hips will make your upper body appear shorter so trousers need to fit right above your hips.


Keep clear of turtlenecks like the black plague! These conceal your neck and make you look stumpy.
Tucking in your shirt emphasizes your legs so if you have shorter legs, do not tuck in your shirt!
Always wear tight fitting shirts. Loose shirts will make you look like a square.
V-necks make your torso appear longer so you should have plenty in your closet.


Go with bigger, bulkier designs of shoes like boots since they will make your feet larger and as a result, you will appear taller.
High heels are great but you might wish to be discrete in acquiring inches to your height. So think about making use of concealed height enhancing insoles.


Opt for tighter, form fitting jackets. These will make you look slimmer and longer.
Jackets need to fall just a little below the buttocks.
Stay away from blazers with more than 3 buttons. Besides being bad fashion, this will make you look much shorter.


Wear vertical patterns such as pinstripes, herringbone, and chalkstripes. Vertical patterns lengthens your body and gives the illusion of being taller.
Avoid designs and patterns such as plaid, checked, or other pattern that splits up the vertical effect.
Your bottom and top need to be the same color or the closest shade possible. This will avoid breaks in your body which gives the illusion of one fluid, long body.
Dark colors, specifically black, has a slendering effect that makes chubbier individuals appear slimmer and shorter individuals taller.
When shopping, pick lighter materials. Heavier materials have the tendency to make you look bulky, broad, and short.

General Tips

When optimising your wardrobe to look taller, fit is perhaps the most essential factor. Avoid baggy, loose clothes at all times! Rather, opt for tight fitting, slim designs. Naturally, it helps immensely if you are slim and trim to begin with. Getting your outfits customized is a feasible alternative and one that really should be taken advantage of if you can not buy the right fit. And lastly, how tall you look is in the eye of the beholder, so if you carry yourself self-confident and tall, you will appear taller.

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