Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cheap Skliri Agistri hotels
Cheap Skliri Agistri hotels
The Greek island of Agistri is the perfect destination for relaxing and enjoyable holidays in Greece. It is just one hour from the capital city of Athens and there are daily ferries to the island. Agistri has some lovely beaches where you can enjoy swimming and relaxation. There are several small towns that are ideal for your stay and there are a nice range of hotels and accommodation available for your stay on the island.

Agistri is a small island and is very authentic and traditional. It is not as busy as some of the other islands such as Santorini or Mykonos, but is ideal if you are looking for a place where you can truly unwind and relax away from the stress and noise of everyday city life.

Whether you are travelling with family or friends, the island is a great place to visit, and you cannot help but to fall in love with its simple charms and beauty. If you are planning on visiting Athens this summer, then put a day aside for a trip over to Agistri, where you can sample a Greek island experience.

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